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GDP, Inflation and Labor cost in Romania

The GDP in Romania and EU

The GDP per capita in Romania has exceeded in 2018 the barrier of abt. 19.000 euro/capita, representing 60% from the mean GDP of the European Union.
Unfortunately, between the different regions of Romania are large discrepancies. Whereas the eastern part of Romania (Moldova) has the smallest GDP per capita, the most developed regions of Romania, such as the area of the Bucharest (Ilfov) and the western area (Cluj/ Timsoara/ Alba/ Bihor) have a GDP per capita of about 27.000 euro, representing 85% from the GDP of EU.


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Business News about Romania and the Romanian business environment

From the point of view of easiness of doing business, in the present Romania is ranked among first 40 countries worldwide, climbing more positions in the last few years.
The attractiveness of doing business in Romania is based on many facts and factors, out of which the level of tax payment that is the second best among the countries from the south east region of Europe, the simplification of the process of starting up a business and the significant reduction of the number of taxes due to be payed.

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