Cooperation proposal

We, Procontrade Germany and Euro Support Romania, the managing entities of Romania Consult have contacts with European partners whom we are representing, with a view to provide and distribute various means of production (machinery and equipment for the companies acting in the field of production).

Based on our own language competencies we can help you to find clients and cooperation partners in Romania and Europe, we can involve ourselves also in private touristic projects and we are delivering law services, as well.

We are convinced that we can contribute to the developing of our countries and regions so that all the economic key indicators such as BIP, gross salary and attractiveness of our area would grow and permanently develop with a more rapid growth rate.

We are interested in building partnerships and cooperation with European companies, disregarding their size, with the purpose of find them clients and/or partners on the European market, in order to supply and distribute production machinery and equipment for European production companies but we are offering them also the opportunity to sell and distribute also other European products and services they would be possibly interested in.

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