A joint project of Procontrade and Euro Support

Romania-Consult, as a joint project of the partners: Procontrade, Germany and Euro Support, Romania is aiming on the one hand to deepen the joint more-years experience of the partners and on the other hand to provide solutions with regard to the bilateral German-Romanian relationships established or intended to be established by German or Romanian investors respectively businessmen in each other partner’s country.

As stated in the title of the project, Romania-Consult is a project between companies sharing the same European values, such as derived from more than 2000 years common European history. We are aware that by antithesis with the previous centuries, when the competition between the states of Europe was a significant issues in the development of relationships, now the EU states are not in the competition any more.

Nowadays it is more about complementarity, cooperation and collaboration with a view to the new challenges the EU has to face.

The small thinking in the terms of competition is to be aborted before it is too late. The new values of the mutual respect and of the win/win situations arised from the advantages offered by the European Market have to be clearly understood.

We assess with honesty the strengths of each other partner’s country, where it is obvious the net industrial superiority of the Germany over Romania, but also recognize that big European and German investors are using qualified work force from Romania at competitive salaries, even in high-tech economic areas such as Information Technology.

That is why we strongly believe in creative cooperation but not limitative competition in order to achieve the better competitiveness of the European Union.

It is exactly what a great thinker and scientist of the world expressed, namely “We cannot solve the difficult problems arisen that we are now facing, with the same level of knowledge (and the same approach n.a.) that we had, before the problems are arisen”


Objectives of the joint project Romania-Consult

Romania Consult project will offer, by the extensive experience and know-how of its partners, solutions to the interested German or Romanian businessmen and investors, willing to use and benefit from advantages of the EU Market.


Targeted Clients

Being aware of the fact that the big investors have already approached the each other partner’s country market, we mainly address to the smaller companies, namely the SMEs that are usually waiting more stable and favorable situations in the other’s country market, not willing to take high risks as the strong big companies are doing, based on their financial strength.


Solutions and Actions within the joint project Romania Consult

The actions provided by the project Romania Consult are:

  • To offer economic information about each other’s partner country, that is to say information on the legislations provisions, information about the business climate and business environment


  • To support SMEs companies from each other partner’s country willing to approach the other partner’s country by offering them:

    • Specific information tailored on the profile of the respective company (Market Studies and Researches, specific Commercial Regulations in the field of the respective companies, a.s.o.)
    • Support on the Foundation and Registration of the companies in the each other partner’s country, meaning the support related with Commercial Law for the Registration

Any other support related with the activity of the respective company, meaning for example: creating virtual or physical headquarter, managing services, accountancy services or any other service related to the functioning of the company.